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Partnerships / Representation

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We represent Titans Space, a new Space/aerospace company that is set to revolutionize the Space tourism paradigm with its safe and efficient spaceplanes and spacecraft.


Titans Space Industries and Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies (jointly called Titans Space), as divisions of Titans Universe, comprises a vast portfolio of revolutionary Space infrastructure that will allow safe and efficient end-to-end Space transportation. This includes spaceplanes and Space stations for Space tourism, commercial, and industrial purposes, as well as for research and government usage.

The Titans Space Tourism division is building the future of luxury Space travel and exploration with spaceplanes, spaceships, Space stations, and lunar transport vehicles. Titan Space’s revolutionary LEO Space Station and Lunar Space Station will redefine humanity’s place amongst the stars, with LEO and Lunar tourism, scientific research, and commercial mining applications.

The Titans Fellowship Perks Overview  

About Titans Space & Projects Overview

Titans Space FAQs

Titans Space Tourism 

The Titans Fellowship (introduction; perks overview)

Titans Astronauts (introduction; perks overview)

Guest Astronauts (introduction; perks overview)

Titans Funds 

About Titans Universe

Titans Universe Founding Team 

Titans Universe Missions 


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